55.00$ 43.99$


Rank- nova 2

Status-Private Rank 17

Market Enabled- no

Wins- 52

Hours- 100

Steam Level- 0

Games- CS:GO

Medals- no

Steam Profile link-

This package includes
– 1 x Steam Account
– 1 x Counter Strike: Global Offensive

– Your account will be delivered instantly.

Why buy from us ?

1. all accounts are Clean.
2. No VAC / No Alert.
3. Accounts will never gonna revoke or locked.
4. My Boosters are skilled Global Elites trusted and they never use any kind of cheats.
5. Currently the cheapest store in the planet
6. After everything Done,I will never Unfriend/Block you. Always ready to help you.

7. If i’m not giving reply then don’t think that I’m ignoring you, maybe I’m busy or AFK.


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